Over many years we have developed a reputation for operating two of the best workshops in New Zealand.
Our workshop is open Monday - Friday from 8:30am – 6pm and we operate a booking system.  This gives you confidence that we will make every possible endeavor to complete your service on the day and time it was booked in for.
Check out our menu below with details of our services we offer. 
Book a service by contacting:
MEC - Mt Eden Cycles: - (09) 630 1201
Hot Cycles: - (09) 575 6190
Fundamental service - aprox 1 hour / $90:
* Servicing of gear shifting, braking, assessment for condition of components on the bicycle, inflating tyres, minor wheel true, safety bolt check, wipe down of frame and last but not least test riding to ensure the repair is up to standards.
Bearing Service - aprox 1 hour / $90:
* Servicing of all main bearings on a bike, bottom bracket, headset, wheel bearings, pedal bearings. This can be preventative maintenance or replacement of worn bearings. excludes pivot bearings, please see our pivot bearing service.
Cleaning service - aprox 1 hour / $90:
* This service is designed to compliment our Fundamental service, offering you the opportunity while the bike is in to have all of the main components removed, de-greased, lubricated, re-installed and a full clean and polish of the frame. 
Suspension service - aprox 1 hour per end / $90:
* Unlike a lot of other stores, we offer full servicing of suspension in-store. We can offer this for most main brands of suspension, Fox, Rockshox and Manitou. Some suspension we do still need to send away but we will communicate this with you prior to doing so. Suspension servicing is suggested once per 100 hours of riding
Pivot Service - aprox 2 hours / $180:
* Servicing of all pivot bearings on a bike, this can be preventative maintenance or replacement of worn bearings. A pivot service is suggested once per 200 hours of riding.
Full Service - aprox 3 hours road bike, up to 6 hours MTB / $270-440
*This service includes all of what is described in our Fundamental service, Bearing service and Cleaning service. A great way of making sure your bike is in the best running order possible. Where applicable it will include our Suspension service and Pivot service.
 All workshop labour is charged at a standard GST Incl hourly rate of $90.
Minimum labour charge is $20.
All parts used in any service are charged at standard retail prices.
A workshop consumables charge may apply where applicable.