MEC Bunch Rides

At MEC - Mt Eden Cycles we love to ride bikes and we would love you to come biking with us. We have rides leaving from MEC at various days and times so please come and join us for a ride. We often have staff members on these rides but we can not guarantee there will always be a staff member riding. These rides are NOT non drop rides but you can always check out the ride route on our strava club page.
These rides are a great opportunity for you to improve your cycling and enjoy the company of other like minded riders. We send out different groups but sometimes these groups will join together especially when the weather is not very good and we have fewer riders.
By joining us for a ride please note that:
* You ride at your own risk, you are responsible for your own safety and you agree to take responsibility for your own actions.
* You understand that road cycling involves risk and you acknowledge that you ride at your own risk.
* You agree to follow and abide all road rules and you will not hold ride leaders or any other person involved in the ride responsible for any loss or injury to person or equipment. 
Tuesday and Thursday 6.00am ride

The Tues/Thurs ride runs over the same course each week. To participate in this group you need to be capable of riding approx 30km. Please note the ride is really only suitable for cyclists with drop handle bar bikes. Sadly MTB’s and straight handle bar bikes are generally not able to keep up.

The bunches head to St Heliers via Remuera Rd and Riddle Rd and then back along the waterfront (approx 34km). Some of us then head into the city to work, others up past the Parnell rose gardens, while others of us continue on for another 10km’s finishing back at the Gala cafe just around the corner from MEC. There are 2 compulsory stops to allow riders to re-group. All welcome!
Sunday 7.00am ride
Rides start from the front of the store and we alternate the course each week. These are a 2.5 hour ride and some cycling experience and leg strength is required but we do run three bunches; the first bunch is fast paced, another bunch is fast/medium paced and the final bunch is medium paced. We encourage you to come along and give it a go! 

The four Sunday routes we alternate are:
* Week 1: The world famous Butter Chicken Loop (a hilly ride through the foothills of the Wtks and Nth/West AKL).
* Week 2: The Taupaki Loop - An undulating ride in Nth / West Akl.
* Week 3: A loop through hilly Scenic Drive in the Waitaks, up via Swanson Rd and back through Titirangi.
* Week 4: A flat loop along the Waterfront, to Botany, the Airport and back through Mangare Bridge.