Hotties Bunch Rides

The Hotties are much more than a 'Women's only cycling group'
The Hotties is made up of awesome group of female riders. We encourage more ladies to join us. We have have regular rides leaving from Hot Cycles / MEC - Mt Eden Cycles every week. We all love to ride bikes, socialize and drink coffee and we would love you to join us. These rides are a great opportunity for you to improve your cycling and enjoy the company of other like minded riders. 
By joining us for a ride please note that:
* You ride at your own risk, you are responsible for your own safety and you agree to take responsibility for your own actions.
* You understand that road cycling involves risk and you acknowledge that you ride at your own risk.
* You agree to follow and abide all road rules and you will not hold ride leaders or any other person involved in the ride responsible for any loss or injury to person or equipment. 
    Tuesday 6.15pm
    Join us for an easy spin leaving from Hot Cycles. This ride is great if you are new to road cycling and you want to get involved in bunch riding.
    Sunday 7.00am 
    Meeting outside Hot Cycles at 7.00am we  have two different distances on a Sunday morning approximately 50k and approximately 85k. The group will always start together.