Having a nice bike and being fitted to a nice bike are two very different things. The gains that can be made in comfort, stability, strength and enjoyment by having a good fit are invaluable.
Thats why at MEC - Mt Eden Cycles and Hot Cycles we take bike fitting seriously. We have invested a lot of time training staff and hiring staff with extensive training in not only one way of fitting but several, such as - BG Fit, GURU, Retul,  and we now use the Velogic 3D system. 
We would love to hear any questions you have about your set-up or to book a fitting, call or email:
MEC - Mt Eden Cycles  09 630 1201 - 
Hot Cycles 09 575 6190 -
The fits we offer:
Velogic 3D Fit: $250
* The Velogic system uses a 3D camera and software that captures not only standard joint angles but also knee and hip alignment and stability.
* Our motion analysis captures all motion related rider data simultaneously in real time.
* Logan Mort, our qualified and experienced bike fitter, is able to check current position and make changes and test the impact of these changes on efficiency and comfort.
* Data and rider feedback drive the fit process and with Logan’s experience we ensure that the riders get real gains in bike comfort, bike handling and riding efficiency.

Who is this for?

* All riders can benefit from a Velogic 3D fit, Roadies, MTBers, Triathletes and commuters.

 Pre Bike Fit

* You can also ask us to do a pre bike fit.  You might be thinking about buying a new bike and for example can’t decide between a Roubaix or a Tarmac or are in-between sizes.  Logan can establish your position and work out which bike will fit the best and be the correct size.  With the Velogic 3D software we also have access to one of the world's most comprehensive databases of bike brands and their geometry. 

* Velogic 3D Fit usually takes around 2 hours

Basic Fitting: $100/h
* Saddle Height set
* Saddle Fore/Aft set
* Reach and Drop to handleabrs adjusted as required
*Usually takes around 45 minutes ($70)
- A Standard Bike Fit is supplied FOC at time of sale of all bikes > $1000
Other Bike Fit Services $100.00 / hour