Specialized Levo

Terry, you decided joined MEC and Hot Cycles for their first MTB Camp. You took part in the camp on your Specialized levo, Please could you tell us what you like about the Levo?

I decided to join the mtb camp to meet other Mountain bikers and any excuse  to ride at Rotorua. I rode the Levo because it is my main ride at the moment. I had been riding the original Specialized Enduro SL from 2007 and needed an upgrade. I saw the Levo on the Specialized  FB page and thought it was a great concept.  I read all I could find out about it and watched all the videos on YouTube about it. The Levo is a modern mountain bike but the motor gives me the confidence that if I have health problems out on the track I will be able to get home by myself from hard to get at and remote areas.
Why did you decide to get the Specialized Levo?
 I brought the Levo to help me recover after lower back surgery and 2 heart attacks. The second heart attack while I was out riding in Christchurch  Port Hills. The bike has allowed me to speed up my recovery and then increase my fitness level and endurance to where I have also brought a standard non ebike.
Have you ridden any other pedal assist bike and how do they compare to the Specialized Levo?
I have not ridden any other e-mtb’s. I looked at a few that were available on the NZ market at the time and the look of the bikes put me off. The integration of the Levo’s battery and motor don’t make it stand out and look like the bits where just tacked on.
Do you make use of the mobile app that the Levo has?
 Yes I use the app every time I or someone else rides the Levo. The settings make the bike ride the way you want it to. A lot of reviews complain of the “surging” when the power comes on but with the app you can get rid of that and reduce the amount of assistance the bike provides which I have done  as my fitness and endurance has increased.

How do you find the Levo on the climbs?
 Climbing is a breeze. Even with only 5-10% of power set you still get assistance to maintain the climbs and because of that you damage the track less than on a standard mtb. When I first got the Levo everyone was worried about the damage E-mtb’s would do to the tracks but the opposite is true. The assistance actually allows you to keep your momentum going and you don’t have to stand on the pedals and end up spinning the back wheel and damaging the  tracks!

Would you recommend the Levo to other Mountain Bikers?
I am getting asked about the Levo by a lot of riders now that the awareness of e-mtb’s has increased. I have sung the praises of the Levo since I first rode it and happily recommend it to everyone. It isn’t the right tool for every occasion but can be used as your main ride very easily as I happily ride grade 5 black trails on it. The one drawback for me is you need to recharge the battery so multi day rides when 240vollts is not available  are a problem and it also weights 22kgs and makes hike-a-bike hard work. I have also been able to assist a few riders with bike problems, especially with broken chains, by giving them a push and on some climbs, helping slower riders up steep or very long climbs.
My daughter has now started mountain biking and uses the Levo.  It has taken the beginners  lack of fitness out of the equation and she loves beating me up the long climbs and waiting for me at the top!