CLIF Shot Energy Gel


CLIF SHOT® Energy Gel provides quick energy to athletes while racing and training. With our new formula and flavours getting energised between breaths has never been easier.

ONE SIZE Citrus Currently out of stock
  • Litter leash packaging
  • 90% Organic
  • Provides quick energy during activity
  • Essential electrolytes

Energising chocolate that won’t melt in your pocket.

Citrus - 25mg Caffeine
Key in on this lemon + lime masterpiece. Light, refreshing, and ready to rock, run, and roll.

Get Razzed, get energised and get to the finish line.

Mocha - 50mg Caffeine
Caffeine hit with a hint of chocolate - set to become a top seller.

Double Expresso - 100mg Caffeine
Caffeine motivation, fast. Because you can’t drop by a cafe mid-race.